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About Us


The Founder


My name is Cecillia, and I am a licensed cosmetologist with hundred of advanced aesthetics hours under my belt. I'm also a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. I love using my knowledge of the human body and skincare to help clients better their skin health. I don't follow the conventional aesthetics route, meaning I do not offer services I have found to be too abrasive to the skin. I believe more gentle practices are better suited to maintain the skin's integrity. I hope to aid you on the path to healthy, beautiful, skin! Aside from skincare, my goal is to create a local hub for all things clean beauty, wellness, and sustainability. I will be slowly integrating brands that align with my core values and products to help you live well and sustainably. <3 


Relaxing Environment

 My goal was to create a space where clients could let go of their worries, even if just for a while. I adorned the space with beautiful plants and I constantly diffuse therapeutic essential oils to help clear the mind and relieve stress.


High-Quality Plant Products

  I make it a point not to use products with toxic ingredients and fillers. I exclusively use raw plant compounds in my facials. The ingredients I use are mixed at the time of service to truly address the client's specific skin needs. The plants used at Illumina Day Spa are high-vibe and pesticide-free to offer the full healing properties to your skin. Located in the Enterprise building in downtown Abilene, TX at 500 Chestnut St. Suite 815 

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